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Documentation & Manuals

EMist EM360 Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer

EM360 Electrostatic Sprayer Manual and Videos

EPIX360 TruElectrostatic Sprayer Manual and Videos

EMist EX-7000 TruElectrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer with EPIX Charge Detect Technology

EX-7000 TruElectrostatic Sprayer Manual

Marketing/Pricing Policies

Marketing Resources

Sales Sheets

EPIX360 PDF image thumbnail v11120

EPIX360™ Handheld

EM360™ Portable Backpack

EM360™ Roller Cart

EPIX360 EMS PDF thumbnail

EMS: Preventing Infection Transmissions

Educational Institutions: Preventing Infection Transmissions


Applying HOCL Using EMist Sprayers

EMist - Spreadsheet - Backpack Chart

Backpack Comparison Chart

EMist - Spreadsheet EPIX360 - Handheld Chart

Handheld Comparison Chart

EX-7000™ Backpack


TruElectrostatic™ PDF

Product Photos

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Industry Videos: Education. Healthcare. Facilities.

EMist’s Education Video

EMist’s Healthcare Video

EMist’s Facilities Video

Electrostatic Video

Side-by-Side Demonstration: A Better Way to Disinfect

EMist’s Electrostatic Demonstration Video

Product Videos

EPIX360 Product Video

EX-7000 15-second Product Video

EX-7000 Product Video

Case Studies

Case Study – Long Term Care

Medical Equipment Disinfection Case Study

Technical Bulletin (Diversey): Electrostatic Sprayer and Disinfectant Use

News & Press

EMist - Talking Points

Talking Points


EM360 Warranty PDF image thumbnail

Limited Warranty for new EM360 Equipment 

EPIX360 Warranty PDF image thumbnail

Limited Warranty for new EPIX360 Equipment 

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