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Prevent Infections and Save Lives

No one should get sick while trying to get better. Nearly 100,000 people will die from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) this year. EMist disinfectant systems were developed to help healthcare organizations reduce HAIs and improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.

A Healthier World Starts Here

Easy-to-use EMist Electrostatic Disinfectant Systems and 100% safe, non-toxic, disinfectants are proven to:

Minimize Healthcare-Associated Infections

Studies have shown that less than 50% of surfaces in patient care rooms are properly cleaned and disinfected.

Reduce Labor &
Chemical Costs

The fastest and most effective way to disinfect, you’ll see a 45-50% reduction in costs associated with labor and chemicals.

Provide Peace
of Mind

Thanks to our patented technology, infections will be reduced and patients will leave happy and healthy.

The EMist system applies disinfectant more evenly, drawn to surfaces like a magnet, providing complete surface coverage.

Let’s Impact Infection Rates

Job number one for healthcare cleaning professionals is infection prevention. This year alone it’s estimated that 1.7 million people will contract a totally preventable healthcare-associated infection (HAI) that will add nearly $20 billion to healthcare costs.

Ineffective and Inefficient Disinfection Methods Lead To…

  • Higher infection rates
  • Slower turnaround times for disinfecting patient areas
  • Loss of reputation and higher costs

Create a Healthier Environment

Your staff and patients deserve the disinfection protection that EMist delivers. EMist has proven to be an exceptionally powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional disinfection methods. Our electrostatic application technology comprehensively and efficiently applies the most advanced chemistries the world has to offer to exposed touch point surfaces.

Benefits of the EMist System include:

  • Reduction in HAI’s (Healthcare Associated Infections)
  • Easy-to-use & disinfects 3x faster than other methods
  • Saves money on labor & chemicals
EMist - electrostatic disinfectant process - EX-7000

Healthier Spaces. Healthier People.

Our EMist® system applies disinfectant solutions with its patented technology to surfaces using electrostatic induction charging. The liquid droplets are positively charged by the spray system which is then driven to the surface target area in a consistent manner allowing for comprehensive uniform coverage. Simply put, our technology applies disinfectant more evenly, sticks to surfaces like a magnet, and reduces waste drastically.


EMist Advanced Technology


Cordless Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer

The EPIX360 is the most effective handheld electrostatic disinfectant technology in the world. Built to work, this cordless tool is powerful, durable, and provides breakthrough application performance – more coverage, less waste, and better results.

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Cordless Backpack or Pull Cart Electrostatic Sprayer

The EX7000 is 51% lighter than other backpack electrostatic disinfectant tools, cordless, and easy to operate. It’s the most compact high-performance electrostatic backpack you can get your hands on. The EX7000 goes where you want to go comfortably, quietly, and quickly.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

“With the EMist system, we can disinfect a room in about two minutes and the entire campus within two hours.”

— Andrea Vela, SAISD custodial supervisor

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