Fight against pathogens with fast and effective disinfection.

The Leading Technology for Surface Management

EMist’s electrostatic technology is patented and proven.
You can prevent the spread of illnesses from the surfaces that matter most with the trusted power of EMist.

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EPIX360™ Handheld Disinfectant Applicator
EMist Technology
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EX7000™ Backpack Disinfectant Applicator
EMist Technology
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Health-e Certification Online Course
EMist Technology
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What Our Customers Have to Say

With the EMist system, we can disinfect a room in about two minutes and the
entire campus within two hours.

– Andrea Vela, SAISD custodial supervisor

The EMist system applies disinfectant more evenly, drawn to surfaces like a magnet, providing complete surface coverage.

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Pathogens at Your Facility Can Bring Operations to a Halt

  • Ineffective cleaning methods leave your space unpleasant and riddled with pathogens.
  • Loss of revenue from inefficient processes results in excess overhead costs.
  • Customers and staff are at risk of contracting infections.

EMist Solutions are the Most Powerful, Efficient and Cost-Effective Electrostatic Disinfectant Tools on the Market

Trusted Science

Our patented technology has been trusted during multiple health crises


When you need fast disinfection, EMist delivers, without sacrificing efficacy.

Best Value

EMist’s tools ensure a full-coverage application,
without wasting chemistry.

EPIX360 Handheld Disinfectant Applicator

Compact, Reliable, & Effective

The EPIX360 is the most effective handheld electrostatic disinfectant technology in the world. Built to work, this cordless tool is powerful, durable, and provides breakthrough application performance – more coverage, less waste, and better results.

EX7000 Backpack Disinfectant Applicator
The Best Technology for Facility Surface Management
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Health-e Certification Online Course
Equip You and Your Team to Fight Infectious Bacteria
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The Ultimate Solution for 
Infection Prevention

EMist electrostatic disinfection technology is a proven solution that guarantees your infection prevention protocol removes pathogens while saving you time and money.

EMist disinfectant solutions…

  • Provide the most effective cleaning method because our technology creates an even and comprehensive coverage of disinfectant chemistry, providing superior results.
  • Save money by reducing labor costs and the amount of chemistry needed.
  • Protect customers and staff by creating the healthiest spaces for the people you care about.