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Sports Industry

The sports industry took a major hit when COVID-19 started rapidly spreading. Most tournaments, games and other sporting events were modified, pushed back, or cancelled all together. The NFL is planning on opening training camps on July 28th, the NBA scheduled their return for July and the MLB is scheduled to start a 60-game regular season on July 23rd. Spring college sports were cancelled for the most part, and some upcoming fall sports have already been cancelled. 

Keeping Fans and Players Safe

With the unknown of where sports like football stand this school year, it is important to know how these sports plan to keep fans and players alike safe. Despite all of these plans the concern of players becoming infected is still looming.  

The U.S. sports leagues have developed plans that include players living in isolated “bubble” communities, receiving regular tests and connecting them to devices to monitor each player’s health. Despite this, they know some players will ultimately get infected. 

Preventing the spread of germs

In order to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19, professional sports need to take into consideration how they are going to disinfect. When it comes to professional athletes, they are in close quarters in the locker rooms, weight rooms, at practice and in meetings. Practicing social distancing and keeping players as separate as possible is incredibly important, as is proper daily disinfection. 

With players from several sports saying they won’t be participating this season in order to protect family and friends the current status of professional sports still remains uncertain.  

EMist - electrostatic disinfectant process - EX-7000

TruElectrostatic for TruDisinfection.

Our EMist® system applies disinfectant solutions with its patented technology to surfaces using electrostatic induction charging. The liquid droplets are positively charged by the spray system which is then driven to the surface target area in a consistent manner allowing for comprehensive uniform coverage. Simply put, our technology applies more evenly, sticks to surfaces like a magnet, and reduces waste drastically.

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