TruElectrostatic™ Disinfectant Sprayer with EPIX Charge Detect™ Technology

EMist EX-7000 TruElectrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer with EPIX Charge Detect Technology

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EMist® EX7000™

TruElectrostatics for TruDisinfection™
Safer environments, healthier spaces, healthier people.


EMist® EX7000

The only intelligent electrostatic disinfectant sprayer that make spaces healthier.

If you’re doing work professionally and looking for the best lightweight electrostatic backpack sprayer, the EX7000 is the tool you’ve been waiting for. The unit is compact and is the best option to ensure even application, increased coverage, and reduced chemical and labor costs.


Lightweight at just 8.1 pounds bare and only 14.9 pounds fully loaded, the EX7000 is 51% lighter than other systems, cordless, and easy to operate. It’s the most compact high-performance electrostatic backpack sprayer you can get your hands on. The EX7000 goes where you want to go comfortably, quietly, and quickly.

A complete system includes backpack, tank, sprayer, harness, two batteries, charger, robust training toolkit, and 1 year warranty.


Lighter than other Sprayers

Uses any water-soluble chemical

44,300 sq.ft.

High-Touch Point Coverage

EPIX Charge Detect™

Grounding not required


Decreased chemical cost

Cordless increases mobility

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Product Specs

Model Number EX70BPBD01
TruElectrostatic™ Yes
High-touch Coverage 44,300 high-touch sq. ft.
Dimensions 18.5″ X 9.5″ X 6.25″
Weight (loaded) 14.9 lbs (6.8 KG)
Weight (empty) 8.1 lbs (3.7 KG)
Weight (shipping) 15.8 lbs (7.2 KG)
Airflow Velocity 1742 FPM, 31.9 KPH
Spray Pressure 75 PSI, 517.11 KPA
Flow Rate 1.011 GPH, 3.827 LPH
Droplet Size 76 microns
Tank Capacity 0.82 Gal /3.1 Liters
Chemical Any water-soluble
Spray Distance 24-36″
Cordless Yes
Polarity Bipolar (+ and -)
Grounding Not required
Power Supply 120V
Battery(s) 14.4V Lithium Ion (2)
Charger 14.4V
Battery Life 2 hours continous
Warranty 1-Year
Complete System Includes: Backpack, Tank, Sprayer, Harness, 2 Batteries, Charger, Training Toolkit and 1-Year Warranty
ex-7000 pull cart

Pull Cart Sold Separately

ex-7000 pull cart

Pull Cart Sold Separately

TruElectrostatics. TruDisinfection™. Intelligent Electrostatic Sprayers.


1. TruTechnology: EPIX Charge Detect Technology

The electrostatic sprayer continuously detects the polarity of the user and the equipment and adjusts automatically so that grounding is never an issue. The discharged droplets wrap around surfaces. This wraparound effect creates an even, consistent and comprehensive coverage of chemical, reduces chemical use, and provides superior results.

2. TruConfidence: Patented. Proven. Trusted.

When you’re dealing with deadly pathogens, you want to make sure that the company you’re buying equipment from is reputable, experienced, and trusted. EMist systems are patented, used during the 2014 Ebola crisis, and developed by electrostatic industry veteran Mike Sides, who frequently works with the DOD, Naval Entomology Center of Excellence, USDA, and WHO.

3. TruCharge: Best Performance

Electrostatic sprayer polarity matters. Most environmental surfaces have a negative or neutral charge (the earth itself is negative). Per the EPA, electrostatic sprayers should impart a positive charge so that the positively charged disinfectant droplets are attracted to targeted negative or neutral surfaces. Positively charged droplets increase droplet adhesion and wrap reducing chemical and labor costs.

4. TruDesign: Safer Operation

When spraying big areas, big buildings, or tight spaces, a cordless sprayer allows you to maneuver and move about freely. EMist sprayers are ergonomic, lightweight, and cordless. That means you can take the sprayer to where the work needs to be done rather than relying on wall outlets at the work site. Portability is a clear advantage for any user who needs to go where the work is to get the job done right.

5. TruAssurance: User Safety

Per the EPA, median droplet size should be greater than 40 microns. Droplets must be large enough to resist evaporation and drift but small enough that the droplets can change their trajectory when it comes close to a target. Most sprayers produce droplets of < 40 microns making them highly drift prone and increasing user inhalation concerns. EMist droplet size is 76 microns.

6. TruCost: Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Based on the need to disinfect large areas, manual application of disinfectants is a thing of the past. Electrostatic application is the new normal. Customers who use our systems typically see 25% to 45% labor savings and 35% to 50% chemical savings. Competitively priced, advanced and patented electrostatic technology, and proven performance provide an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Product Details


  • Backpack
  • Tank
  • Sprayer
  • Harness
  • 2 Batteries
  • Charger
  • Training Toolkit
  • 1-Year Warranty



Disinfectant is first atomized, passes through an electrostatic induction nozzle, charged using a bipolar power supply, and then discharged toward the target area. The bipolar supply causes the electrical charges to be alternatively redistributed, resulting in droplets having an excess of either positive or negative charges. These charged droplets are so attracted to the targeted area that they coat the sides, edges, and backside of surfaces.

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