Creative Solutions In Healthcare, a top 50 US skilled nursing facility company, has fully adopted and incorporated the E-Mist SanoTech 360 certification program. Based on the E-Mist FACTS™ proper surface disinfection protocol and the integration of the patented E-Mist SanoTech 360 Surface Management System™, Creative Solutions In Healthcare certifies the health of surface touch points in its facilities on a daily basis.

The SanoTech 360 certification program is tailored by E-Mist Innovations to meet the unique surface touch point environment of each facility. The key to proper surface disinfection is to address each surface based upon the volume of touches where pathogens can be found or transferred. Creative Solutions In Healthcare is now able to better utilize its existing choice of disinfectants, apply them more comprehensively, quickly, and as frequently as the environment dictates without additional staff or unique infection control skill sets.

“Facility managers and staff are now empowered to be aggressive and more effective in the fight against the spread of sickness and infection from unhealthy touch point surfaces. With the right protocol and the integration of agile and affordable technologies, it becomes a fair fight,” George Robertson, CEO. “Creative Solutions In Healthcare is a leader in quality of life standards for residents and the ability to reach SanoTech 360 certification across the company is something we are very proud to support.”

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